Friday, January 30, 2015

I’m a Real Life Female Ghost Buster & I Say “BRING IT ON!” | Hayley M. Stevens

I have mixed feelings about the following: I’m a Real Life Female Ghost Buster & I Say “BRING IT ON!” | Hayley M. Stevens.

Listing Dr. Susan Blackmore among the women in the parapsychology field isn't a resounding endorsement of credibility. Debunkery -- "ghost busters" -- as well as this statement: "I am a ghost geek though and although I don’t believe in ghosts (italics mineI actively investigate and research alleged paranormal activity using rational inquiry and scientific skepticism. " (Hayley M. Stevens.)  I really do wonder why The Anomalist linked to this, along with their own comments. 

Indeed, Stevens has written for skeptic magazines and her blog "short listed for The Skeptic magazine’s Occham’s Award for ‘Best Skeptic Blog’ 2013 & 2014" according to her About Hayley M. Stevens page.

And yet, it is true that paranormal programs, including Bigfoot and UFO programs, feature few female investigators. The field has is not without women, it's the media's lack of acknowledgement of this fact that is the issue.

So, very good points and very well presented. Too bad it's from the skeptic-bunkie camp. 

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