Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Project Blue Book Files Removed: Coast to Coast AM

This just in via Coast to Coast site:

Project Blue Book Files Removed - Articles - Coast to Coast AM: After receiving much media attention (including an appearance on C2C) John Greenewald of The Black Vault was forced to take down declassified Project Blue Book files, which he had posted for the first time on the Internet in PDF format, easily accessible for public viewing. Fold3, a site that posts military files, claimed they had a digital copyright on the images.
A lot of hassle and criticism and usual UFO Land drama since Greenwald posted the Project Blue Book files on his Black Vault. And now, this. C2C links to more of the story, with comments from Greenewald, on Open Minds. I have no opinion on much of it since I've avoided the details. But I will say it's been a fine thing to have the files available, and I wonder at the so called copyright of such. (I do not know, I am just musing here.)

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