Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My UFO Oregon

UFO Chronicles links us to Top 10 States with The Most UFO Sightings. Oregon did not make the list, which is curious, seeing as how I've seen many a UFO here, including an eerily large and silent -- and fast moving! -- triangle. Not to mention the famous orange orb, complete with missing time. And all manner of craft, morphing machines, and twinkling things in the skies.

So the question is, am I one of those UFO statistics that say so many sightings mean I am an abductee, or picked by "them," or another human plaything of the Reptilian Overlords? "They" seem to follow some people.

On the one hand we could say: "Well, kiddo, probably most if  not all of those things you've seen were simply man made objects." I have no doubt at all many of the things I've seen are ours. Drones, climate monitoring devices, weird space station satellites gizmos.

However, we're left with three interesting pieces of data:

1.) Regarding Oregon sightings, we still have the orange orb, with alien tinged dreams and missing time and spooky triangle.

2.) I've been seeing and experiencing UFO and UFO related events since childhood.

3.) My husband, too, has had these experiences since his childhood. Apart, and together, we've experienced -- and continue to experience -- the UFO Weird.

In that context, the UFOs do seem to be attracted to us. Or, us to them. Or maybe it's just the tracking devices they inserted and we're simply a random sample.

So, while Oregon may not have made the Top Ten list, (though Washington to the north, and California to the south, did) in my little Oregon world, UFOs have been very present.

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