Thursday, January 22, 2015

UFOS on the Brain and in the Dreams, a Lucid Moment, and an Appearance by Jacque Vallee

The other day, I wrote about my own UFO sightings in Oregon, (also posted at UFO Digest)  inspired by a recent survey of the top ten states for UFO sightings. Oregon did not make that list, though California and Washington did. Interesting how Oregon, sandwiched in between those two states, did not. I wonder what the reason is for that. 

Yesterday, I came across this item from Open Minds about an Oregon UFO sighting from the 20th of this month: Witness Sees UFO Reminiscent of 1997 Phoenix Lights. 

And last night, a dream about a crashed UFO in one of my "dreamscapes." I have several dreamscapes; they remain the same, with slight variations. I don't often have dreams of this particular one, but when I do, it seems they're always tinged with a mystical element of some sort. This dreamscape is of a valley surrounded by huge mountains covered in snow. So huge and right there, you could almost stretch out your arms and touch them. Where we are is flat, and not full of snow, but it is dry, and quiet, somehow. Out in the open.
So in this setting:

I'm with some others, including Jim. We're on the third floor of a hotel looking out the window. These mountains are just so huge, looming above us. Very scenic, like a postcard. Pristine little village of a town, in the valley, surrounded by snow covered mountains. All of a sudden, next time I look out the window, I see an enormous rim of a flying saucer sticking up from the ground. It's across the street, behind the buildings. (The buildings are not tall, the tallest ones are only three or four stories.) The rim of the saucer, and part of the dome, are sticking up from the ground, and just… the size is amazing. As is the color; a golden color that shimmers.  It's so close! Less than a half mile away. 
It is too incredible to think there is a flying saucer there! And, it doesn't make any sense. I tell everyone to come and look; we all try to explain it away. "Oh, it must be a plane," but there is no plane anywhere on this earth that is close to that size. Or, color. "It's a fire, there must be a fire…" but that's ridiculous. There is no smell of fire, or sound, or flames moving. This is a stationary object. We have to accept it: it's a flying saucer all right. 
This is confusing since no one heard anything crash, or saw anything in the sky, it wasn't' there, and then, a moment later, there it was! Some of us have the feeling it was always there and we just didn't notice. Some of us have a feeling it didn't crash, but was underground for a long time and something caused it to appear … whatever the reasons behind its appearance, the reality is that it's there. 
As I'm looking out the window, I see a group of about with men striding purposefully across the street. Some are wearing lab coats -- all very official. In the middle of this group is Jacque Vallee. I say to everyone that this proves it -- if Jacque Vallee is here, then there is most definitely something very important happening. Here I have a lucid moment. I tell the people I'm with that this is odd; in "real" life, Jacque Vallee looks very different than the man who's the dream Jacque Vallee. Real life Vallee is tall, thin, has hair, doesn't wear glasses, and is good looking. Dream Vallee is short, bald, wears glasses, and, while not unattractive, not George Clooney either. The only thing the two Vallees have in common is that they seem to be about the same age.
There's more, concerning military and morphing character perspectives, but overall, that's it. 

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