Sunday, February 15, 2015

American Horror Story Season 5 Theories | POPSUGAR Entertainment

The season finale of American Horror: Freakshow, aired recently. I'm a fan of the series (couldn't get into American Horror: Asylum after the third episode but I think I'll try watching again.) Ryan Roschke at Popsugar Entertainment outlines some possible scenarios for next season of American Horror including an alien abduction theme. Could be exciting, especially since, apparently, the Feds have moved Area 51 from Nevada to New Mexico:
American Horror Story Season 5 Theories | POPSUGAR Entertainment: A lot has happened in the Southwest, most notably Area 51 in Roswell, NM, which many believe to be a government cover-up for an alien crash site. (italics mine)
Who knew?

Of the various possibilities, this one seems pretty likely, and as the Popsugar article notes, there are clues in Freakshow  that hint at a UFO/alien future. Jessica Lange's character: Elsa Mars, who, sang David Bowie songs, including Life on Mars.  There are the freaks themselves; alien to the rest of society. Lobster Boy; the man with lobster like hands. The diminutive Ma Petite.

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