Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Compare and Contrast: Tonight's C2C

Well darlings, readers of the Orb here know full well how I feel about "skeptics." So it is not surprising that I am astonished at the choice for tonight's Coast to Coast guest: Michael Shermer. Yes, that's right, Shermer. On Coast to Coast. Get this:

(italics mine): Science & Truth/ Sky People - Shows - Coast to Coast AM: outlining how science and reason have been the driving forces of truth and morality throughout history …
Bad enough anyone not in the skeptiod camp is already considered basically heinous, but immoral as well? I've seen UFOs so now I'm immoral? Reminds me of an old, literally doddering philosophy professor I had once, who told me I was "immoral" because, apparently, I did not have the right take on a short story in my Philosophy of Literature class many moons ago. No doubt the fact I was female, and an older one at that -- as compared to young, pretty and malleable -- had something to do with his drooling assessment. But I digress.

Later in tonight's C2C we have guest Andy Sixkiller Clarke, who will discuss:

"… will share their stories of encounters, sky gods, giants, little people, and aliens." 

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Terry the Censor said...

I think you're overreacting, a bit, about being deemed immoral.

But I find it disturbing that Shermer is talking about morality, considered his troubled history with women.

This was posted by a Canadian skeptic blog last year (Canuck skeptics don't mind using a bit of stick against felons and hypocrites in their ranks).

Timeline of harassment and sexual assault allegations against Michael Shermer