Sunday, February 8, 2015

Quotes: From Mr. Murder

I'm a Dean Koontz fan. Currently reading Mr. Murder.  Thought I'd share two quotes from the book that struck me as being related to the ufo phenomena, even though the story has nothing at all to do with ufos.

In a section titled Part Two: Story Hour in the Madhouse, Koontz opens with The Book of Counted Sorrows. Here is a line most appropriate to UFO Land:

Do not instruct the owls to spare the mice.

Owls acting as owls must is not a vice.

Then he quotes from a book titled The Vanished Victims that the main character, mystery writer Martin Stillwater, wrote:

We sense that life is a dark comedy and maybe we can live with that. However, because the whole thing is written for the entertainment of the gods, too many of the jokes go right over our heads. 

That seems applicable to what goes on in the realm of ufos.

As I commented, Mr. Murder has nothing to do with ufos, although it does seem, so far, to be somewhat of a supernatural tale.  If one believes that much --- much  ---- of what goes on involving ufos is, all at once, supernatural, trickster like, paranormal, mystical, metaphysical, manipulative, covert, and contradictory (and that's just for starters) the fictional Mr. Stillwater shares our thoughts on the matter.

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