Sunday, March 1, 2015

From Jeremy Vaeni:The Subtle Racism of Ufology | JayVay

The Subtle Racism of Ufology | JayVay: Where are the voices from other cultures standing right beside us? Are we afraid to speak with them? Are we afraid to learn that they have a fuller understanding of certain phenomena because they’ve built relationships with intelligences we have yet to engage in any meaningful way, while we’re still stuck on “Is it real?” and “I know what I saw!” and “The government better tell us what it knows–We have a right!”

How does that Western mind–which, like a child, believes itself to be the pinnacle of what Mind is and therefore believes itself to be at the frontier of exploration–engage its neighbor who has already formed close bonds with the transrational beings we ogle at a distance? ~ Jeremy Vaeni
Another excellent piece by Jeremy Vaeni at his JayVay blog. Discussing paranormal/UFO/supernatural experiences, Vaeni looks at different cultures and their acceptance and perceptions of such experiences. A very important point, and one that needs to be looked at full on. And then worked with.

There is a simple way out of this field of pies. Investigators? Actively engage and include everyone. That may mean setting aside the knowledge we’ve accumulated, giving up the dominant role of the investigator, and just listening. Not foisting hypnosis on people to hear that story again, either. Just listening. (Vaeni)
Class comes into this as well. My opinion is that we still are ignoring the issues of class, as well as cultures (and wrongly defining such.) Until we acknowledge both, investigators won't get anywhere. And the Trickster plays on.

What a great arena for the Trickster! A general white, middle class, fairly male dominated (until recently) playground where such things as Trickster is rejected -- no wonder Trickster continues to spin dazzling wheels of confusion around our pointy little heads.

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