Monday, April 6, 2015

Alfred Lehmberg on David Jacobs, Again. And It's a Good Thing Too.

Alfred Lehmberg, at his blog alien views, has a new piece on David Jacobs:    Fluffing The Abduction Rubes:

 ... Noory welcoming Jacobs back onto the show, and remarking that everywhere he goes, people bring Jacobs up, and that it’s always a positive note...

How can this be remotely true? It certainly appears to this writer that Dr. Jacobs is clearly heard on audio tape coveting soiled undergarments he has otherwise once admitted shall not be scientifically processed in any way due to lack of funds. Then, injury on top of insult Jacobs suggests the use of medieval devises of sexual torture he would have supplied! Thirdly, for the third egregious strike and sans all training or efficacious/professional best practice, he has the withering audacity to suggest to a fellow human being in his "care" and in a "suggestible state" that she is dangerously psychotic and requiring heavy sedation with numbing psychotropic drugs? No one has a "negative" note!? Well, here's are three right in this paragraph. (Lehmberg)

Alfred is one of the few in UFO Land who continue to expose Jacobs for what he is, and yet, Jacobs is still considered to be legit.

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Terry the Censor said...

Even before the Emma Woods case, it became clear that both Hopkins and Jacobs were steering their subjects more and more to reporting an alien form of torture porn.

Ufology has long equated an emotional reaction to UFOs with witness veracity. This can be seen in Fuller's books Incident at Exeter and Interrupted Journey. James Harder coached Pat Roach -- under hypnosis! -- to report fearful reactions.

Hopkins and Jacobs, two egomaniacs bent on discovering the alien agenda, pushed the fear factor to an extreme that rivals the satanic ritual abuse catastrophe.

Let's hope they are the subject of Lawrence Wright's next book!