Saturday, April 11, 2015

Synchronicity: "Them" and Listening In

I've commented before on the following experiences:

Three separate times, in three different locations, I've had the experience of knowing, completely sensing and utterly knowing, without any doubt, that "they" were present, and actively listening. Each of these episodes occurred during intense discussions about UFOs and entities.

The first time it happened was over twenty years ago, in a home where we had seen UFOs. We were discussing our orange orb sighting (and this was the first time I had heard my spouse mention anything about our missing time) and among other things, we argued (as we still do today) over some details concerning location, etc. Suddenly, the distinct awareness that "they" were here was vividly apparent. Others confirmed this feeling, making all of us, to varying degrees, uncomfortable. All of us acknowledged how weird it was.

The second time was in a friends home, who has had a life long experience with aliens, UFOs, missing time, abductions, etc. The third time was in our current home. Both times the person I was talking to mentioned their presence first. In one, the person said to me, looking at me with a grin "You know they're here and listing, don't you?" the second time, in our home, the person said "I know this sounds crazy but I get the feeling we're being listened to, and watched."

So who is this "they?" I have no idea. Alien, MIB, earth entity, Djinn, government spook stuff, who knows. I can tell you that the feeling in all three events was the same. Invisible entities, more than one (I had the sense at least three, no more than seven or eight), most definitely intelligent --highly intelligent -- not human in any way, and very amused if not outright mocking at our discussion. Not a threat, at the moment, but not something to mess around with. Somewhat human looking like, and tall, but not human. No, not human at all.

The other day I realized, for the first time, that in each episode, the direction that "they" came from was always the same. To my left, and in the upper corner of the room. So I wondered if this had any meaning, this specific nature of their location. Coincidence, or meaningful? I asked my husband (who was present in two of these events) what he thought. He didn't think it really meant anything but he did say that, a few minutes before I had asked him about this, he had just written (working on his novel) the following:

A sense of uneasiness prevailed. They were not alone. They felt eyes, eyes everywhere, watching, with a cold alien intelligence. You saw them out of the corner of your eye, shapes through  the trees like the shadows of dreams. The forest was a dangerous place.  It was more than that; there was conscious intent, an agenda, an open hostility   ~ James Rich, excerpt from The Obscure Way (unpublished)

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