Saturday, May 9, 2015

Roswell Slide Show

Notice I haven't commented on the whole thing. Why is that, you may ask? (Though more likely, I realize, no one's asked, let alone notice.Still, that doesn't stop me.)

I haven't commented because, how good, how true, how real, could it be? So many decades of coming so close (and this is true in Bigfoot World as well) only to be doused with a freezing cold bucketful of reality.

I haven't commented because, maybe, just maybe, it is possible that some type of solid, ultimate, non-debatable proof (not evidence, proof) could be found. So, remain silent until …

Then again, the murmurings of all this seemed to have started with those pedantic and rude -- let alone verbose -- pundits at a blog that shall not be named. I'll just say that this blog is followed by many who I respect, and it continues to astound me these conflicted UFO Dada Theater performers are taken seriously.

Also, while the stench of the seedy side show has been so very present throughout, others, like the esteemed Richard Dolan, who I have great respect for, were sincere in their participation. So, I held back.

I'm still holding back, because there's no there there and it's really just business as usual. No point. The UFO Trickster loves this; not the first time, and not the last.

Of course, none of this disproves that a genuine UFO full of aliens crashed in Roswell so long ago. It's still very possible. Something happened there for sure, and it wasn't weather balloons or crash test dummies. One can even go so far as to consider this whole thing was a disinfo episode presented by "them" to continue the confusion, debates and in-fighting concerning Roswell.

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Terry the Censor said...

[Please pardon the lateness of this comment, but Little League has overlapped with the "big reveal" of the slides, and I am playing catch-up, though even this is interrupted by me arguing with Maussan on Twitter nearly every day.]

> So many decades of coming so close (and this is true in Bigfoot World as well)

I would like to restate my position on the UFO-Bigfoot rivalry:

1) The law of large numbers suggests there must be intelligent life forms in other solar systems -- somewhere!
2) There is no compelling physical evidence that a gigantic primate is wandering North America (now that baseball is testing for PEDs)
3) Even so, the P-G film is better evidence of Bigfoot than anything ufology has!
4) Ergo, ufology sucks.

Come on, ufology! Give us something like the P-G film! Don't be such wimps!