Sunday, May 10, 2015

Suited Up Aliens

UFO lore is full of accounts of aliens in jumpers, coveralls, uniforms. Seems the bulk of those accounts go back to the "Golden Age" of UFO contacts. Aliens have been described by some witnesses wearing these uniforms or jumpsuits; other accounts have aliens wearing hooded cloaks, and of course, there are more variations on clothed aliens.

While I've never seen an alien "in person"  (wait a minute, there was that patio alien I saw.  And the "puppet aliens" as well as the dancing transparent greys . . . ) So never mind. Anyway, in my life long experience with the realm of UFOs, I have encountered a few aliens in suits. Not MIB type black suits, with ties and hats, but the coverall variety.

Patio Alien, Corning St. L.A., CA 1958? oil pastel and crayon by Regan Lee

The Silver Suited Patio Alien
The first one is what I call the "patio alien." This sighting happened when I was about four years old. I awoke late at night to find myself alone in the den, which was odd. What was I doing out there? The den had French doors which opened onto a patio. Through the French doors, I could see a small (about my size) "alien" in a silver one piece suit. He was doing something with our hose, and I was angry at him for messing with our stuff. He turned his face towards me. Hostility, as well as a sense of imminent danger, was coming off of him in waves. . I then realized he wasn't holding our hose, but had in his hand some kind of wand/ray gun type thing. His face was completely black (a mask or face plate kind of thing?) with red glowing eyes. He pointed this wand type thing at me. I remember screaming then passing out, then, nothing.

Blue Suited Aliens in the Garage
I had a dream of blue suited aliens in a garage. Now this dream was interesting, since Jim and I had a missing time experience while walking home one evening after feeling compelled to investigate a strange glowing light in a garage. We don't remember what happened after we walked toward the garage. Next thing we knew, it was a few hours later and we were in his apartment. We commented on how very strange it was, then went right to bed as if nothing odd had happened. And of course we were very surprised to find we woke up the next day at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. While the dream occurred years later and in Oregon, the garage/missing time episode happened in California much earlier.

Angry Little Silver Suited Alien
While I have had UFO experiences (I use the term "UFO experiences" loosely to cover non-human creatures, entities, craft in the skies, missing time, etc.) all my life, I wasn't immersed in the UFO realm as I am now. I accepted such things as "normal" but, aside from a general sense that UFOs were real, wasn't familiar with UFO narratives. UFO events seemed to have heated up when I met my future husband. That's when I had my "Geisha Alien" dream, as well as the missing time and light in the garage experience. When we moved from California to Oregon, we continued to have odd experiences.

I saw the Orange Orb when we were living on Friendly street in Oregon. To this day, my husband and I argue over this. He insists we saw this orb a year or so earlier when we were living downtown, near the U of O. And he doesn't remember anything about the rest of that night; me going to the phone, wondering who to call about the sighting (police, airport, who?), wanting to go outside to see if the object was still there, etc. (We also had missing time with this sighting.)

I don't remember any specific UFO events while we were living in the apartment by the University before the Friendly street house, but one experience is interesting. One night I had the most vivid and upsetting dream. I dreamt that a small, silver suited alien appeared in our living room. And it was causing havoc; more like a poltergeist than an alien. The aliens suit was a one piece jumpsuit, silver. It was wearing a wide belt with all kinds of buttons and controls that lit up; red, green, orange. I remember being scared by this dream and I couldn't get the whole thing out of my mind for days. (Fortean side bar: reports of Bigfoot wearing uniforms and outer space type tool belts can be found in Peter Guittilla's Bigfoot Files.)

With the exception of the dream about the blue suited aliens in the garage, all these events happened before Whitely Streiber's Communion,or Budd Hopkins Intruders, etc. I was familiar with stories like the Barney and Betty Hill case, but not in great detail.

Many Realms vs. Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and bolts might be an outdated term, but that kind of thinking is still too present in UFO research. It is possible to have physical craft as well as more ephemeral aspects all at once. (This is also true of Bigfoot.)

I'm not suggesting these dreams and encounters were literal meetings with extra terrestrials. Probably a combination of many factors, including entering that realm that is as real as our mundane one. And no doubt, some actual -- literal --  UFO interactions.

When you have UFO experiences that include sightings of physical craft, witnessed by others, as well as telepathy, "dreams," missing time, and so many other anomalous episodes, it seems ridiculously short sighted to stick to a rigid view of "nuts and bolts" and delegate the rest to the fringes of the fringe.

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