Sunday, May 31, 2015

Vanessa's Medical Support Fund by Lon Strickler - GoFundMe

If you can, please help with Vanessa Strickler's (Lon Strickler's wife) health fund. She is ill and medical bills are extremely high. I wish the best for both of them.

Vanessa's Medical Support Fund by Lon Strickler - GoFundMe: name is Lon Strickler and I started this campaign on behalf of my wife Vanessa and our family.

On January 10, 2015 Vanessa was diagnosed with colon cancer. She immediately had surgery to remove an aggressive tumor involving her small & large bowel. Since then, she has battled through infection, low electrolytes, DVT/PE and the effects of chemotherapy. Her spirit has been impressive as she fights to get well. Unfortunately, our financial resources have been used up and our situation has become desperate.

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Anonymous said...

Regan , Thankyou for posting this link about Vanessa and Lon!

~ Susan