Friday, June 5, 2015

MUFON's Hangar 1

There is none.

Not a literal place, as shown in the show's picture of "Hangar 1" -- that's not really MUFON Headquarters, you know, like the Batcave or something.

One of the most pompous as well as amusing statements from UFO Land: this show's "Now, MUFON is granting access to its vast archives…" oh please.

Call me the Kathy Griffin of UFOlogy, but I mean, please. One of MUFON's experts is Dwight Equitz, who I can't help calling Clay Brickstone, given his soap opera looks and worse, his presentations, complete with raised eyebrow…

Although, the most respectable and honored Richard Dolan is often on the program, and that is one saving grace.

The show if all right for the the general audience who is mildly interested in UFOs, or, new to the whole crazy-ass mad hatter tumble down the rabbit hole of UFOlogy. But the sheer arrogance of this program, not to mention their disingenuous, gets to me. Most of all, their avoidance of the fact of Robert Bigelow's participation within MUFON is suspicious. Very, very suspicious.

I will make the disclaimer that there are many individual UFO investigators who are MUFON members that are to be respected. But MUFON as an institution, as an entity, is a not just a joke, but a dishonest one.

Just my opinion. As usual, I'm of two minds. One, overall pretty ridiculous, arrogant, and dishonest (i.e. Bigelow.) On the other hand, any enterprise whose purpose is to present to the hoi polloi UFO info from a non-debunking perspective is a good purpose. So, I don't know. Well, I do know one thing: it really doesn't matter. The debunkers/"skeptics" will continue on their path, despite shows like Hangar 1. The rest of us, varying in degree from gullible and naive aliens-are-here-to-help-us to the individual who has experienced such things all their lives to the generally interested, will continue to watch just about any show on UFOs. Because that's all we have. Mainstream anything will not give it up -- not ever, not until forced to anyway by the aliens themselves -- so we have to get our slivers of info and yes, entertainment (or, para-tainment) any way we can. That's all right.

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