Sunday, June 7, 2015

Medium Amy Allen's The Dead Files and … Aliens

The Dead Files is Travel Channel's ghost/medium program, where medium Amy Allen explores locations said to be haunted. Research into the particular home, building or site's history is done by co-host Steve DiSchiavi. (Who is a retired homicide detective.)  Ghosts and spirits abound, and I find the program interesting. I think Allen is a good psychic. These are the type of ghost shows I prefer; Allen's, and medium Kim Russo's The Haunting Of . . ., where mediums are used to communicate between spirits and the living. Not yahoos with "spirit traps" and the like banging around in order to catch a ghost. I have nothing against using technology to aid in ghost investigations, but I think they're often overused, the input of mediums neglected, and responsibility for the interactions between humans and spirit disrespectful.

I've been intrigued by the sometimes overlapping encounters of ghostly hauntings and alien encounters. Are they the same thing? Does one know of the other? Does one -- mainly, aliens -- intentionally mimic ghostly behavior? Is some of what witnesses report as ghostly hauntings not ghosts at all but aliens pretending to be ghosts?

Last night's episode of The Dead Files referred to this cross-over, or parallel ghost/alien realm. Ghosts were present in the home Allen investigated, but she also mentioned another energy; an alien presence. Paraphrasing here, but Allen said something along the lines of something else "not a demon, a dead thing, but something else. Alien" Literally.

 Steve DiSchiavi asked if the family had been "abducted." Amy said it was possible, and that the aliens were "visiting." "They kind of manage it" she said, suggesting that the aliens had something to do with manipulating in some ways the paranormal aspects of the case.

At the end of the program, Allen gives her recommendations to the families on what to do to end their ghostly experiences. She offers advice on the use of mediums, blessings, maybe moving, etc. In this episode, regarding the aliens, Allen said that magick wasn't going to help. As far as the aliens went, Allen suggested the family document any experiences, and keep talking about what they remember. Interesting she didn't mention hypnosis. I'm glad she didn't, but wonder why. The emphasis was on memory, bringing it out into the open, and keeping a record.

There was another Dead Files episode where Allen mentioned aliens. The following is from my post in January of 2014:

Dead Files: Encountering Aliens

Wow. Tonight's episode of The Dead Files, with medium Amy Allan, had Allan tell the haunted residents in their Rome, New York home that she had encountered something she had never experienced before. Besides the usual spirits haunting the property, it seems there are also tall, human looking but decidedly not human beings that Allan said were "aliens." Either aliens, or beings from another world -- not spirits or ghosts of humans, or even non-human energy type entities and creatures (demons) but, for lack of a better term, aliens. Non-human beings from another planet.

These beings appear to be after the children in particular. Allan said these beings will probably always be there and she didn't know how to get rid of them.


brownie said...

I watched it last night and am so impressed that Amy 'went there', again. I suspect there are other psychics that consider alien intrusion but it's such a sticky wicket mixing in with ghost activity and/or demonic activity.

Regan Lee said...

Brownie, I find this such a fascinating area that isn't much explored by researchers. Years ago Jim Marrs talked about a Roswell alien "ghost" story he had hear, and there has been some allusions here and there to this topic, but overall, it's still "out there." I agree with you that mediums have encountered this but if they do, they tend to leave it alone for the reasons you say.

Randy Cheek said...

Another thought provoking post. Good work!

jennyt said...

I was worried for the family. Could they move? How is 'managing it' going to help you sleep at night? If that were your kids, what would you do to protect them if you found that they were being abducted? What a gross feeling! Amy is amazing for bringing the information out there when the subject is still taboo.

Regan Lee said...

thank you Randy!

Regan Lee said...

jennyt: I think by "managing it" Amy meant documenting, etc. If it is a case of aliens and abductions, my opinion is that moving wouldn't help. The alien phenomena would just follow them.

Yes, good for Amy!

Ashley Villarreal said...

Really good episode. I'm the most curious because she said she started to research and investigate the activity and found some answers but isn't allowed to speak on them. Why is that? Who or what is stopping her?

Candice Rokose said...

What episode is this?

Autumn Ashford said...

i had just watched it.. i absolutely love her work and i am with yu there i would love to no why she cant talk about it or even start to go there but what i am curious to is i noticed that ALOT ABOUT 85% f the people she intereviews has abiities.. n0w my thing is that she says not to try and contact them cause it could end up horrible! wouldnt that influence them to try for themselves?