Monday, June 8, 2015

Getting at What Happened: Simultaneous Diversity

Yesterday's post on medium Amy Allen of The Dead Files (see post below) and her comments about aliens and possible abductions within a haunting experience had me wondering, for the millionth time, about how to get at these memories.

We're familiar with hypnosis, including the controversy surrounding use of hypnosis to delve into memories of alien encounters. I'm still out on that one -- if I were to go through hypnosis, I'd be very very careful. Very. IF.

But what if something like the following were to happen? Hypnosis. Meanwhile, while the witness is going through that, remote viewers are looking at that moment: missing time, the moment of a sighting, etc. And, a psychic medium did their thing. All at once, all separate from each other. No one knows what anyone else has discovered, including the witness. When all is done, then notes are compared. Chilling to think all three would reveal the same events. 

If there are multiple witnesses -- as in my case, my husband also experienced these things -- this process would continue but with a different set of remote viewers, psychics, hypnotists.

How realistic is this? I don't know. I do know that finding the right people would be difficult, but more practically, it no doubt would be very expensive. I know that I don't have money to spend on a diverse crew of investigators.

Still, an interesting thought. Using different methods at the same time to get at what happened. 

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