Thursday, August 13, 2015

1966 Willamette Pass, Oregon Sighting

Came across this, a report on a UFO sighting here in Oregon from 1966. Blurry photo of . . . something.

The Willamette Pass Oregon UFO Photo Revisited:
An Explanation


459 PanchiraWay,Los Altos, CA.94022

Abstract- In November of 1966, a Ph.D. scientist, returning to his California
home from a business trip in Washington, was driving through Oregon and
paused at a lookout point to photograph Diamond Peak. Of the three pho-
tographs taken at this location the last one included a strange object. This
photo ultimately became the focus of a controversy among UFO investigators
and has been the subject of numerous articles as well as a book. In this paper
we present a chronicle of the author's investigation of this intriguing photo as
well as an explanation of the true nature of the object in the photo.  (Wieder,

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