Friday, August 7, 2015

The UFO Trail: Jeremy Vaeni on David Jacobs and Supporters: 'Time for Some Answers'

On Jack Brewer's excellent UFO Trail, Jeremy Vaeni discusses why he invited Jacobs, Richard Dolan and Peter Robbins to appear on his show to talk about Jacobs treatment abuse of witness Emma Woods:

The UFO Trail: Jeremy Vaeni on David Jacobs and Supporters: 'Time for Some Answers': "Jacobs and his apologists persist in evading discussion of the relevant issues, while chronically implying there are extenuating circumstances that justify the conduct of Jacobs. Now, some five years later, they continue to fail to disclose details of any such circumstances, causing some to ask why the evidence should not be interpreted as it appears. The weekend of July 24, Jeremy Vaeni extended invitations to David Jacobs, Richard Dolan and Peter Robbins to guest on 'The Experience', account for their positions on the Emma Woods case and explain their related previous statements."
And this bullet from the blog:

"If you're sick of ufology being treated as a fringe, crazy subject then stop reacting in fringe crazy ways to things that in any normal sense are immediately recognizable as abuse." (Jeremy Vaeni)
I have tons of respect for Richard Dolan, respect Peter Robbins but in this, sigh… it seems to me a stubborn and unconscious shying away from what they, and so many others in UFO Land, secretly if not outright think of as "hysterical women troubles."

But that aside, Jacobs himself has a lot to answer for, and very few are asking. Thankfully, Vaeni and Brewer are among the scant few who are.


Sue Johnson said...

I've actually heard the 'hysterical woman'argument made openly in forum discussions and elsewhere. Arguments like that may sound good to people of a certain age and background, but to others they just sound ridiculous and hoaky. The implication is if you haven't updated your sexism so that it can pack a punch for a contemporary audience, what other reality updates have failed to install? Even ad hominem attacks have standards to uphold!

purrlgurrl said...

Ufology is a club for men who, emotionally, have never left pre-pubescence. Look at the behavior and utterances of most of Ufology's all male "superstars" and tell me you believe it's otherwise. The only thing surprising about Ufology is that it doesn't hold meetings in treehouses with "No Girls Allowed" signs printed in crayon and scotch taped to the door. That's because these cases of arrested development suffer from the delusion what they're doing is real science (what a colossal joke), and science is only for boys.