Thursday, October 29, 2015

Paul Kimball: Ufology and Misogyny

Clear and exactly so comments on misogyny in UFO Land, and the sexist reactions to Emma Woods in particular. Short but very bitter sweet:

The Other Side of Truth: Ufology and Misogyny: Every now and then someone writes a well-meaning blog post or article about the problems with ufology, and how to fix them. Virtually none of those articles mention the misogyny that permeates ufology, and which represents one of the biggest and most pernicious problems with the ufological subculture. (Paul Kimball, The Other Side of Truth)


Terry the Censor said...

> Misogny


Terry the Censor said...

Unfortunately, this problem is widespread. A few years ago the skeptical and atheist movements had big blowups about how the men viewed the women. Problems ranged from hateful comments online to sexual harassment in the group offices (several male leaders even acted with a sense of sexual entitlement toward women in the audiences).

All this reinforces my attitude about not identifying with a particular group. I have enough trouble accounting for my own behaviour.

Regan Lee said...

Yikes. Thank you! (fixed)

Anonymous said...
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Jack Brewer said...

> All this reinforces my attitude about not identifying with
> a particular group.

I hear ya, Terry. I've become too skeptical for those who identify with aliens, but I'm too conspiratorial for the skeptics, all of which probably means I'm about where I want to be.

Thanks for the posts, Regan. That's a stampeding herd of pink elephants the community has been trying to talk over.