Thursday, October 29, 2015

From Jeremy Vaeni:After 5 Years, David Jacobs Almost Leaves Me Speechless

This from Jeremy Vaeni at his blog JayVay, on Jacobs:

After 5 Years, David Jacobs Almost Leaves Me Speechless | JayVay: Again, he thinks this is his defense. He’s. Not. All. There. Folks. He wants to make this about Emma, “diagnose” her with mental illness, and claim she took him out of context. You would have to be mentally deranged to buy it, defend it, and not want to get him help. (Jeremy Vaeni)

(See post below linking to Paul Kimball's comments on the misogyny directed at Emma Woods.)

For those out there in UFO Land who might say things such as: "Let it go already," "This is such old news," "We don't really know the whole story," I say, get the space brother dust out of your eyes and listen, pay attention, and think.

Because something is "old news" does not alleviate responsibility or absolve one of unetchial behavior.

We never, ever, know the whole story of anything. Including our own. Some things remain obvious, clear as day, brilliant as the most magical crystal diamond from the inner rings of Saturn, that one does not need to know the "whole story."

If that isn't, still, a big loud blip on your radar, then you're hopeless.

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