Sunday, November 1, 2015

David Jacobs' Focus on the Female

So, we know about the sleazy (and paranoid) research methods of David Jacobs. Implanting the suggestion into Emma Woods' hypnotized mind that she has multiple personality disorder, asking her to send him her unwashed panties,  telling her to wear a chastity belt… wow. And still, people think he's worthy of respect and depth of consideration in things UFOgical.

What of the male witnesses who have sought out David Jacobs? Has Jacobs asked or suggested that male UFO "experiencers" do the following?:

  • Have you ejaculated during UFO and or alien experiences? 
  • If so, please send me the unwashed sheets, boxers or briefs.
  • Consider the use of an erection suppressant in order to thwart the intentions of aliens and their hybrids.
  • You are under a deep trance now… good. Relax, relax. Now, I am going to suggest you have multiple personality disorder. When you awake, you will behave as if you do indeed, have this disorder. 
  • Your insistence and persistence of finding answers, of combing through taped sessions, of presenting your personal experiences, is indicative of an hysterical male. Please get a grip. If need be, there are several anti-anxiety and anti-depressants that can be prescribed.
  • Oh, you're already on medication? Good, good. That proves you are unstable.
  • Stop posting about your experiences. They are now my experiences. I'm the researcher. 
  • You have used a pseudonym on-line in order to protect your family, your job, and yourself? Those actions prove that you are not to be trusted.
  • I've asked you to not share what I've thought. Since you have --- which demonstrates a willful defiance of my authority -- you are, again, not to be trusted.


Anonymous said...

That is so true! Than you, Regan.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Wow! You're absolutely right... where's the twitchy stuff as regards _male_ research subjects?