Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nothing new under–or around–the Sun? | Mottimorphic Musings

From Wm. Michael Mott's blog, Mottimorphic Musings, about Big Star Science announcing the presence of a "new" planet:

Nothing new under–or around–the Sun? | Mottimorphic Musings: I’m on the record as saying that I believe they know have known where and what Planet X is … and that it’s going to return, sooner or later, on a periodic swath of destruction or turbulence through the solar system. The official silence has probably been due to a policy of containment. Such information could cause social and religious chaos and disintegration, or so the governmental and authoritarian types would think. Lesser secrets have been kept before, for similar reasons. (Wm. Michael Mott)

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