Monday, January 18, 2016

UFO Believers in SE Asia

 "But we can’t contact them, only they can contact us.” (Ek Tha)
That's a perspective I find interesting. The above from an article in the Southeast Asia Globe, (thanks to The Anomalist for link) that discusses UFO witnesses and believers in Cambodia.

I'm also intrigued by Tha's confidence in the following:

“There are 82 species. Some have four fingers, some three; some are big, some small. And some are good guys; some are bad guys. The good aliens will help us live sustainably, and the bad aliens will come to kill us. You have to watch out for that.”
On the last point: indeed.

I'm not making fun; I always am glad to find out about UFO studies in other countries. The USA is not --  despite many who still believe this -- the only country where UFO interest lives. Of course I wonder how Tha, or anyone, knows for any kind of fact, that there is a specific number of aliens. We don't know if there are two species, fifty-two, or eleventy million.

Another interesting UFO fact from the article: UFO sightings in Cambodia go back to 1810. According to UFO researcher Ahmad Jamaludin, who self-published a book on UFOs in 1997: UFO Reports in Southeast Asia (1800-1996). I'd like to get a copy of that book.

Other witnesses talk about aliens visiting them in childhood and curing cancer, an alien named Nemo (the name of my new cat, hmmm…) alien contact during meditation, and much more. (On that latter; many have reported this type of contact, including me.)

Again, I am not mocking the witnesses in this article. In fact, it is too bad the writer felt obligated to insert the opinions of debunkers. In this case, Michael Shermer is the go to anti-UFO guy. He is so sure aliens are not among us. 

“Are extraterrestrials out there? And have extraterrestrials come here? My answers are: Probably yes, and definitely no.” (Michael Shermer)
You can't prove a negative. Anyway… Shermer goes on to give the very stale and old hat explanations of mis-identifying natural phenomena for UFOs, as well as the mildly insulting opinion that "the brain" of UFO believers (I do so hate that term) "abhor a vacuum of explanation" so, of course, aliens and UFOs fill that void within. Oy.

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Alfred Lehmberg said...

Uhhhhhhhhhhno... we abhor the needless information vacuum Shermer and his ilk promotes and facilitates. He loves it because it draws in that which can be used to discredit same. One hoax or misidentification or hallucination of a UFO does not discredit the idea of UFOs like Shermer and his ilk would intimate.