Monday, February 29, 2016

"Gang Stalking" in UFO Land

Cyber bullying exists. As a victim of that myself, let me tell you! Gang stalking is a form of your all around bullying, but sounds a lot more technical and ominous. Mind control and all manner of nefarious methods employed by some to harass others. Including on-line.

Both exist. Serious, real gang stalking is not amusing. But being vocal about one's opinion; that is not "gang stalking." So, in UFO Land (and elsewhere) do not confuse, whether one is being disingenuous or just melodramatic, being vocal with "gang stalking."

We have so many reasons why ufology is not "taken seriously." Contactees. Abductions. Bigfoot and UFOs. Ancient Aliens. Still clinging to Roswell.  Etc. None of those reasons are why "ufos aren't taken seriously." The fact that we continue to eat our own, whine about disagreements, and mock each other (true, some deserve mocking, but you don't have to get so smug about it when you do it) doesn't help matters. But the reason why ufology isn't taken seriously is -- and I've said this many times through the years -- the set-up. It's fringe, always has been, always will be. By its nature, all anomalous activity is considered suspect by the infrastructure. Some in UFO Land don't understand this simple fact. It's an interdiction.

The only way ufos might be "taken seriously" is if the mothership of motherships lands somewhere big, aliens disembark from the craft, the whole thing is broadcast globally, and government officials admit the "truth." (Even with the admission that aliens and UFOs are real, there will still be a lot that will remain hidden.) Disclosure, maybe. Full disclosure, no.

What this have to do with "gang stalking?" Not much, I did go off point for a moment. I suppose one small way of being a squeaky wheel that irritates the infrastructure is to be honest, which means, being vocal and unafraid. Accusing those whose opinions you don't like of "gang stalking" contributes to the misdirection that "ufology isn't taken seriously."


Terry the Censor said...

Partly for that reason, I stick with respectable UFO blogs and avoid forums. I also disdain Facebook and using hashtags on Twitter. And, of course, I use a handle instead of my legal name.

My early exposure to Youtube comments and the crazier debate sites put me off engaging people who might be unstable, and who might try to get my personal information online. (I once received death threats in an online fantasy baseball league because I asked people to cut out the racist comments!)

Regan Lee said...

Terry, does this mean you consider the Orange Orb a "respectable" UFO blog? :)

Terry the Censor said...

Sure. People can disagree here without the comments section turning into a rabies outbreak.

(Oh, the sites I've seen!)