Sunday, February 28, 2016

Unusual Sound Keeping Oregon Residents Awake and Baffled

Mystery high-pitched noise keeps Oregon town awake at night | US news | The Guardian:
"An unexplained high-pitched tone has kept residents of a Portland suburb awake at night for at least a week, confounding the best efforts of police and firefighters to pinpoint its source."
What's odd, as reported in the news item, is that the sound had appeared "decades ago" and is only heard at night. It was a mystery then and a mystery now. Before listening to the audio provided in the article, I thought it might be a bird call. But it's definitely a mechanical sound. To me, sounds like metal scraping against something. Whatever it is, it's a mystery.

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jamieburress said...

Wow, I just watched a video and that is a super loud noise! It would drive me nuts trying to sleep through that! So strange. Very different than the "hum" that is commonly heard in cities across the country. It would be great to get Linda Moulton Howe out to Portland to investigate and do a story on it. :)