Friday, February 26, 2016

This Just In: Dolan Posts on FB; UFO Land Goes Crazy

I can't take it anymore. People I respect in UFO Land going after each other based on presumed notions about what is respectable and worthy… oy. Latest in the round of nonsense: the outrage, yes, outrage, over Richard Dolan posting a little post about his haircut. Suddenly, because of that simple, mundane post, the UFO realm has now been destroyed. At least that what's some think.

It's Facebook. How many of us -- myself included -- have posted images of our new shoes, or hair color, or other trivial (yet fun) stuff? We're supposed to be "friends" - - it's Facebook, not the "I'm So Damn Intellectual and Above This Nonsense Because I Take UFO Research Seriously and You Don't" book.

Dolan has contributed greatly to UFO research, and continues to do so. One might not always agree with him, but, like many a researcher out there in the UFO public eye (because let's face it, no one much outside of UFO Land cares, much) they're doing something. And yet, goddess forbid a researcher posts about a haircut. By the way, Nick Redfern posts things along these lines -- no one's screamed at him about that.

I don't get it. Relax. UFO research is never going to be taken seriously anyway by the infrastructure; that globalist cabal of overlords that own us all. All we can do here in UFO Land is continue on the research path that calls to us, and try not to eat our own.

Now, outrage over some things, like, oh, David Jacobs … that's worthy of such responses. Call researchers on their stuff like that, not whether or not they post a pic of their new haircut.

Again. Seriously.


Alfred Lehmberg said...

Thumbs up!

Tina Sena said...

Thanks for posting this! I couldn't believe all the fuckery. It's sad ��