Sunday, February 7, 2016


Many ways to get at What Happened. One method: place all the events in a linear pattern, step back, and see if there is a pattern. Once placed, do the individual events appear less singular, and more of a cohesive picture? Using art as an analogy - - is the painting abstract, representative, surreal? Any of those genres, as different and specific as they are, would work. It's subjective. 

But of all the UFO encounters I've had, I'm focusing on the orange orb sighting for now. Even so, this supposed one time sighting spills over and drags with it from the past other events. Impossible to be strictly linear. 


1. Why is it that, to this day and decades later, my husband and I still argue over where we were living when the sighting took place. Barely beginning to discuss the sighting, we get extremely annoyed with each other about the fact of where we were living. We don't disagree about the sighting -- that most certainly occurred. Color, shape, agreed. Where we were living, argument is sure to happen. 

Context is important. This sighting was something unique; yet periphery facts are confused. Not the sighting itself, but the stuff around it. Why? Why this difference in memory that remains to this day?

2. Apathy and Confusion
Apathy is something many witnesses report during sightings. An acknowledgement something weird occurred, then a shrug and off to bed. With the orange orb sighting, I recall being very excited, almost manic, running to the phone and picking up the receiver before putting it back down without calling anyone. I didn't know who to call. Didn't know about MUFON then; the only places I could think of were the police, the airport, or the media. After that, I went over to our front door, thinking I would go outside to look for the orb, which had dropped down into a neighbor's backyard. Hand on the doorknob, then realizing how ridiculous that was. What was I going to do, go outside, in the dark, and walk around someone's property? I could at least go outside, walk up the little hill and across the road, and peer into their backyard from the street. But something stopped me. Fear, apathy, I don't know.

Jim remembers none of this. He also insists (the argument phase) that we weren't even living there at that time. The sighting, according to him, took place in our previous residence, an apartment approximately two miles away.

Another sighting
We both remember another sighting around the same time. It was late afternoon, still light but close to dusk.We were driving on Lorane highway (the same road we saw the orange orb)  and saw a round, spinning silver sphere  above a small pasture. The sphere was rotating slowly in the air, a beam of light emanating from underneath the craft onto the ground. We were both disturbed by this. Agreed it was very strange and creepy and had a strong sense of "let's get out of here." We didn't talk about it -- not like we did, and continue to do, with the orb.

Are these two sightings connected in some way? What are the chances of us seeing see UFO events on the same road -- seeing two events at all? Some  UFO researchers suggest that there is no coincidence in these things. A history of sightings, complete with odd memories and time distortions, as well as dream related phenomena, does indicate something more than random weirdness. 

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