Thursday, February 4, 2016

Orange Orb Paranormal

I have a Facebook page: Orange Orb Paranormal. For awhile it was called "Ufos are Paranormal and this is Why" which, clearly, was a bad title. This is what I posted when I changed the name to Orange Orb Paranormal:

Original title of the group was UFOs are Paranormal and this is Why. Pretty clunky. But it's an interesting angle and no one can deny there are often "paranormal" aspects to UFO encounters. (The "Oz Factor" as researcher Jenny Randles calls it.) The title has changed to Orange Orb Paranormal to include both UFOs - especially orange orbs, based on my own sighting years ago -- and any paranormal, supernatural,Fortean and anomalous topics.
I also wanted the tie-in and recognition of the Orange Orb blog with the title. So, if you "do" Facebook and are interested, drop by.

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