Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sean Meers and His Rants

While some in UFO Land lament that which offends and "gives UFOlogy a bad name" like contactees or telepathic communications with UFOs and Sasquatch, the real things that continue the circus vibe inherent in UFOlogy are the hyper sensitive and trollish. Such as Meers, who has included me in his list of supposed harassers.

I wrote a post some time back about Meers being a self-appointed UFO Police officer, wanting to censor those he disagrees with. Anyone disagreeing is guilty of "hate mail" and other offenses. Then I responded with a post, and he responded on his site with his response of my response.

I know, it's non-productive and a bit immature but on the other hand, it is sometimes necessary to call out those who obsess and, while not lying, exactly, certainly are highly disingenuous in their melodramatic defenses. This, like it or not, is a part of UFOlogy. And while it's true that not too much attention should be given, now and then it is a worthy act to occasionally show them up for many reasons. One, yes, they're a distraction. Possibly even intentionally; ops or professional trolls, literal agents of disinformation and misdirection. Two, within the obsessive minutuate of people like Meers, the lies are present and therefore spread thoughout UFO Land, which shouldn't always be tolerated. Now and then it's okay to rattle the cage.

Anyway, the latest from him:

Case Related Hate Mail - The Linda Cortile UFO Abduction Case Website: A Brief Commentary on the Latest Harassment from Regan Lee
The most recent hate mail entry from Regan Lee is extremely contradictory in nature. At first Regan Lee argues that the material she’s written does not constitute hate mail, then she concedes that she did in fact make an ad hominem attack, then she indicates that she stands by her ad hominem attack characterisation.
-- Sean F. Meers
December 30, 2015
According to Meers, my opinions are "harassment" and "hate mail" -- even though it wasn't "mail" at all, as in email or snail mail, but my blog post.

My post was not "extremely" contradictory -- I was pretty clear. I called him a thug because I think he is a thug because, as I explained, anyone who demands that others shut up just because they want them too is a "thug."

Once again: personal opinions are not "hate mail," nor "harassment" and saying someone is a bully (thug) isn't necessarily an ad hominem attack.

But most of us know all that.


Anonymous said...

I think Sean Meers is trying to create the false impression that there are trolls, liars, and hateful people constantly attacking him, Linda Cortile, and Jacobs. I suspect he is trying to hide the fact that it is just normal people voicing reasonable opinions on a very doubtful case, totally unacceptable behavior by a researcher, and poor behavior by himself. The "Hate Mail" sections on the Cortile and Jacobs websites are a joke.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

I'm glad to be included on the hate page...