Friday, April 22, 2016

Insect Synchronicities and Weirdness

My realm has been experiencing insects in recent days. First, the current language packet for the students in my reading group: Bugs!  Today, the classroom next door explored caterpillars: each student got their own to keep on their desk to observe for awhile. (Hopefully the poor things will survive and be set free. The caterpillars, not the students.)

The other night, went into the bathroom and heard a frantic buzzing. Like a fly on meth. Always weird to find a fly active at night, and this fly's non-stop bzzzzzzzzz!!! made it creepier. I didn't want to deal with a crazed fly at three in the morning, just wanted back to bed, so I let it be. A few hours later, while getting ready for work, the fly was still there, buzzing it's little icky head off. While looking for where I thought the fly might be, I see a small, perfectly round spider on the window curtain. It's round body was white. I turn around, hoping to see the fly, couple seconds later turn back to the curtain, the spider is gone. Vanished. Couldn't see it anywhere.  Feeling more creeped out by the second -- this is just what I needed before my morning coffee! -- I looked on the floor, up the curtain, etc. but couldn't figure out where it had gone.   I don't see how the spider could have moved that fast, that quick, but it seemed to have done just that. Or, maybe I was hallucinating spiders.

Yesterday, my husband told me wasps were just starting to build a nest inside the front passenger door of my car. He sprayed the door with a non-toxic (well, not to the wasps) spray.

In Fortean news, lots of insect items. For example, the following study, which reveals that insects are indeed nasty plotting insidious creatures we should be very wary of:
Insects Are Conscious and Egocentric : Discovery News: insects are conscious, egocentric beings, according to a new paper that also helps to explain why and likely when consciousness first evolved. (Discovery News)
Attention Earthlings! blog posted a pic from the 1959 Wasp Woman. (Remade in 1996.)

Phantoms and Monsters has a post about a giant wasp found in Japan.

And finally, this. I am not making this up, I promise you! I was just going to hit "publish" on this post, when my husband Jim got up to go the kitchen. He's signing, for no apparent reason, the Stones The Spider and The Fly! Why that song, no idea. We weren't talking about music, bugs, or, anything. He was reading, I was typing away. He had no idea what I was writing about. And yet, when he got up to go into the kitchen, he started signing a 1965 Stones song with "spider" and "fly."

What was that again? "When you start noticing them, they start noticing you…"

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