Thursday, June 23, 2016

READ THIS! "The Magical Swimming Pool of Ufology's Future "|

I want to sing and dance from the rooftops about this article by Joshua Cutchin. (See post below where I've posted the quote he opens his piece with.) I would quote from the article, but then I'd have to quote some more, then comment, then some more, and say more and …

So just go over there and read it:

The Magical Swimming Pool of Ufology's Future | Joshua Cutchin: Weird Words & Brass Beats

I will say that Cutchin writes about the materialist view, and much of UFOlogy's need to, still, cling to a materialism/Big Science frame work around the Big Answer to What UFOs Are. Which is silly.

Plus, he quotes from chaos magician Gordon White. So there.

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