Monday, June 27, 2016

The Angry UFOlogist:"Positive Proof That Dr. Steven Greer Is A Fraud, Liar and Psychopath"

The Angry UFOlogist really doesn't like Steven Greer:

Positive Proof That Dr. Steven Greer Is A Fraud, Liar and Psychopath - The Angry Ufologist: Funny now he now charges thousands of dollars for his minions to follow him into the woods with flash lights and lasers to “vector” one in on his midnight UFO vectoring sessions. Whatever that means. He makes ALL of his minions sign super strict non-disclosure agreements so they can not talk about any aspect of their experiences with Greer and his jolly band of fraudsters. This threat of legal action against his paying followers is why you have not heard wide spread screams of “This guy is full of crap”.
I attended a UFO presentation by Greer years ago in Eugene. Standing room only, surprised yet glad to see so many in the area interested in the subject. He lost me though when he said, with such certainty, that there are over 500 alien types.

The point is, even while Greer interviews and documents those who have had UFO encounters, he also seems slick and full of it.

This kind of thing: the Jacobs, the Greers, the Imbrognos, are the embarrassments to UFOlogy, not the high strangeness narratives of UFO witnesses that some find too fantastic to explore.

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