Thursday, July 7, 2016

Alien Get Togethers -- Are They Trying to Stop Us?

I have this friend -- friends, her and her spouse -- known each other for decades. I'll call her "Diane." Diane, as well as others in her family, have had life long experiences with "aliens," strange energies, hauntings, UFOs. Diane's spouse -- I'll call him Harold -- has published on the subject of UFOs. They are both very into the topic, know a lot, and are not messing around. They are serious about what's happened to them as well as what's happening in general in regards to UFOs.

Diane and I are about the same age, give or take a couple of years. (Both in our early sixties.) We keep trying to meet, to get together, and, even though we don't live far from each other at all (I could walk to her house, on a good day) we never seem to quite get there. We end up meeting just a few times a year. You'd think that, given both our life long experiences with UFOs and related weirdness, and the closeness of our homes, it'd be easy to get together.

Diane's theory is that "they" (aliens, Djinn, what have you) are vibing us and keeping us apart. Her health isn't good on the day we planned, or mine isn't. I mean to call, say I'll call, but forget. Today, we had planned for two weeks to get together today. (We had also invited another couple who said they'd come, but then cancelled yesterday.)  Yesterday I bought all the organic makings for a killer salad. Yet my husband, who has also had his own life long experiences of UFO high strangeness, was having a bad day health wise. (Ah, the joys of being in your sixties.) So we had to cancel.

Diane called me today and we set up to meet -- just her and I -- Sunday. So now I have a note in case the aliens decide to put an amnesia hex on my brain.

The thing is, Diane told me today on the phone that she was having dreams the past few nights that "they" were keeping us away, and that, while disappointed we weren't coming, wasn't too surprised we weren't.

By the way, it was at Diane and Harold's home that I had one of my "they're listing" experiences. A group of us at their home, years ago, talking about UFOs and our encounters. I feel a very strong sense of an unseen, yet very much present, energy in the room. Not energy, exactly, but people. No, not people, exactly, but .. . while highly intelligent, and somewhat "people" like, not human. Alien? Djinn? Sure. Anyway, I was sitting there, feeling stranger and stranger, thinking that if I say anything, everyone will think I'm making it up, or being impressionable. Diane turns to me, grinning, and says "You know they're here, don't you?"

There is much more to her experiences, as well as the rest of us, which I'll write about here soon.

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