Tuesday, July 12, 2016

White Balloon Headed Alien

Not too long ago, I posted a sketch that I sort of channeled, of tall white beings  (though I just noticed that one of the beings is small, child-sized) surrounding my bed. This was a memory -- sort of -- of what I call my "invisible aliens."

Image by Regan Lee

Last night, I was meditating/going through a remote viewing type exercise (amidst this I was attempting to communicate with someone else) and my mind kept going back to when I was a child, surrounded by "aliens." Why can't I see them?! I asked. To my surprise, I got not quite the grey triangle headed being (whether real or not, the image has definitely become its own reality -- a type of collective alien tulpa) but an almost comical round headed white alien. Still with the big eyes and small in height --  maybe about three to five inched taller than me.

White Balloon -Headed Alien, Regan Lee

What's interesting about this is that, as a child, these beings were never negative. They were friendly. So, another thing I was asking about: why the fear now? (And do not give me any new age crap about being on the right vibration in order to access the positive Space Brother Love Vibe.) Maybe the other UFO experiences -- mainly the orange orb -- are different entities entirely.

My mind kept going to those childhood beings, this time in their new representation of bleached white round-headed aliens, and the person I was attempting to "send" to -- her story of a UFO sighting and missing time. I asked this too: "Why am I going back to her event?"

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