Monday, August 1, 2016

MORE Missing 411 High Strangeness: "Predator Saran-Wrap" Synchronicity

I had a strange dream the other night, which I posted here and on my Frame 352 Sasquatch blog. That dream had to do with David Paulides Missing 411 books and what I called a "predator" type being:

Out of nowhere, I am grabbed by invisible hands. I sense their presence, I know that they are here, but I can’t see who -- or what -- they are. I get a glimpse of these things. They shimmer in and out, sort of like the Predator. These things look human like in some ways. They have two arms and legs like humans, etc. But they are about seven feet tall and muscle bound, like The Hulk. They grab me by the arms and feet and drag me up the hill. My friends are completely unaware of what’s going on. I scream with everything I have but they can’t hear me. (Regan Lee, Orange Orb)

A few odd coincidences followed that post, which I also wrote about here.

Last night, David Paulides was the guest on Coast to Coast. George Knapp was the host. Great interview. Paulides was on to discuss his new book Missing 411: Hunters. During that interview, Knapp and Paulides discussed the strange experience of Jan Maccabee. She is married to UFO researcher Dr. Bruce Macabee. In that interview, Paulides describes a shimmering, predator like being Ms. Macabee saw -- and photographed -- while out in the woods in his article, complete with images, “Predator in the Forest” or Jan's Weird Experience. The following is from Maccabee's article:

Suddenly the woods went quiet.  Noise stopped. The silence was “weird.”  It so surprised and unnerved her that she wrote a text message to her friend (thereby documenting this event): Something is wrong.  The woods just went to a dead silence. No squirrels, no birds, no crickets.  Is odd!  (6:23 PM EDT) She thought a coyote or maybe a black panther or some predator animal caused the quiet as she knows (as hunters know) that when a predator such as a bear, for example, enters an area the other animals tend to become quiet.  Then she became aware that a weird visual “effect” was moving rightward across her field of view at an apparent distance of maybe fifteen to twenty feet.  She described it as if looking through "saran wrap."  Perhaps a more apt comparison would be like looking at a mirage above a hot road.  She compared this distortion of the scene as being somewhat like the effect of the invisible creature in the PREDATOR movie!  This distortion was at a higher altitude than her 15 ft above the ground, perhaps about 25 ft above the ground..  She took her glasses off and rubbed her right eye thinking at first she had a floater (a mote in the eye).  But after rubbing it was still there and not a floater. (Bruce Maccabee) 
When I heard Paulides describe the predator, sara-wrap type image, I almost fell out of the chair! While there are differences between the dream and the shimmering, predator like effect Jan Macabee saw, (desert/woods, dream/reality) the specific similarity of the predator image is certainly startling.

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Rachel Cooper said...

I too saw this predator like being. My friend and I was driving down a dark, straight for miles road and i see a extremly sharp curve ahead. A curve so sharp i have to rearrange my hands on the wheel. Suddenly as i was going into the curve it disappeared. In the corner of my eye, directly across the street i did see something. I thought maybe my contact fluttered but really i was confused and flabbergasted about the disappearing curve. Shortly after my friend ask if i had seen something on the side of the road. I replyed that i wasn't sure. I ask her to describe it and she explained it looked like something going invisable. It was about 7 ft tall and you ckuld clearly see the outline. Water, heat wave, saran wrap, all that could describe this being.i paniked! Screaming " what is that" over and over then suddenly i remembered the curve. I ask her if she noticed anything with the road. She described it better than i could. It was a tight curve as if a giant finger was pulling the road tight. My friend and i agree it felt other dimensional. I immediately felt things was off after that. Im not sure what to make of it. I believe it was coming in and we disturbed it. The warped road really disturbs me.