Monday, August 8, 2016

From Jack Brewer's The UFO Trail: Ufology Indicted (Stan Romanek)

Jack Brewer: "The UFO Trail: Ufology Indicted"

This time, the indictment is for Stan Romanek :The UFO Trail: Ufology Indicted.

Off the rails, did Mr. Romanek, with the whole aliens-are-here scenario, and, sadly, the child pornography charges against him. What is it that makes some UFO participants* so goddamn unethical and sad in the highly inappropriate/illegal/immoral/abusive context? (Yes, think David Jacobs.)

Jack Brewer, at his UFO Trail blog, has a piece on this very thing.

Not to mention paranoia. As with Jacobs, who believed aliens were interfering with email communications, Brewer describes Romanek's paranoia about aliens. (Italics mine.):

In one of his more infamous episodes, Stan clearly attempted to discreetly throw objects around a room while implying something paranormal was taking place during a 2014 video interview with Peter Maxwell Slattery. He would later tell Slattery that he intentionally discredited himself because he was instructed to do so during an anonymous phone call else face consequences to himself and loved ones. Basically, he went with the "I made a fool out of myself on purpose or they'd kill me" strategy. Did I mention leading with the chin where angels fear to tread? (Jack Brewer, UFO Trail)

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