Monday, August 8, 2016

Menopause and the Abductors

Is it just a meme, a false bit of UFO lore, that women in or past menopause are of no interest to aliens? (As always, I'm using the word "alien" to mean "other." Non-human, ET, spirit, earth elemental, fairy, ghost, demon…)

I've been having this conversation with "Diane," a friend of mine who has had on-going contact with the grays since childhood. Now in her sixties, "they" are still visiting her, leaving her with temporary scars, among other things. What do they want from her? Are other women of this age, and stage in their lives, still of interest to aliens? Or is it truly true -- that aliens find no use for women who are past child bearing age?

Just how statistically true is this in UFO lore?

One theory we have, Diane and I, is that maybe, aliens are still interested in women in or past menopause if those women have strong psychic skills. Which, both Diane and I have, and have had, since childhood.

Is it some sort of unconscious sexism that has us believe the grays are no longer interested in women once they've outlived their childbearing usefulness? Or is it a true thing?

Could there be other reasons for their interest, such as the afore mentioned psychic strengths? Maybe there is something to be said about the "crone stage" of life: women's wisdom, magick and power. Does this scare or piss off the little spindly things? Intrigue them?

Diane and I both had a similar experience years ago. Mine:

I was in a semi-trance meditative state. Awake, but very much in a light trance. I like to work with crystals and stones -- on this night, I was using a copper wand with a purple fluorite crystal at one end. Suddenly, I was aware of three grays that had come through the bedroom window. They were there, all right, but, like much of this weird realm of aliens and UFOs, if someone had walked into the room, they would not have seen the grays. I had an immediate negative reaction against them -- I did not want them here! I focused my energy and intent into the wand, and they were kept from going further into the room. They were "stuck" and very, very angry. They did not like this at all. Finally, the left, extremely pissed.

Diane told me a similar story:
 She had her altar in the middle of her room; it was laden with crystals and stones. She tried to enter her bedroom but there were three (three, again!) grays, standing around her altar. She said they seemed upset about the altar, and the stones. They tried to keep her from entering but she focused her intent and concentration on the altar. The energy she "beamed" at them forced them to leave, and, as she told me, they were very upset at her use of this energy.

Speculation, but something to wonder about and explore further.

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