Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Owls, Dreams, Orbs, Brodhrans, and Spirit Photos

Working with Diane and others on psychic play, activating energy and accessing "them" -- and so, after meditation and protective prayers I had a dream that was pretty incredible:

Jim at the Eugene Masonic Cemetery, in front of grave where I took the two spirit photos shown below
My husband and I were about to leave the Masonic (!) cemetery. It's night. The feeling here is very negative, scary, creepy. Unusual because we enjoy going to this cemetery and have had only pleasant experiences. But at night now, and it's very cold, frost and some snow here. We look for the grave site where we had a previous encounter with spirit -- caught on camera -- but no matter how hard we try to remember the name and location, we just keep getting turned around. I get the distinct feeling, almost hear a voice, scolding me for being greedy. "You were blessed once with this experience and now you're taking advantage. Go away."

Sudden surge of energy felt when we were discussing the married couple buried here; we were talking about the positive loving emotions we were picking up, when this happened on my camera as I was taking a photo of the grave site. This has never happened before, or, since.

I hear a woman's voice singing/chanting out on the sidewalk. As negative as the cemetery is I tell Jim that I don't want to meet up with a "crazy person." So we go back to the cemetery. Still creepy but it's between this or the "crazy" woman who is singing and chanting and playing a brodhran. (hand held Celtic drum.)

Second spirit photo

Jim and I look up in the sky -- the night sky is so beautiful!!!! We see all kinds of moving, zipping lights, mainly orbs, in the sky that are clearly UFOs. They are not stars or anything that can be explained naturally -- UFOs for sure. We are so excited. Then we start to see orbs -- of a different kind, these are spirit orbs -- right here with us, in the cemetery. Fairy, spirit, energy, -- all orbs dancing around us. It is wonderful.
Suddenly it's daylight. We have no idea how it got to be daylight so fast -- missing time? Anyway, I decide it's safe to go out now; the crazy woman is gone.
But I still hear her, and she's ahead of us a bit. She's aware of us but doesn't acknowledge us. She is not crazy. She has some people following her, mostly men. It's clear she is a shaman. About five foot three, long thick dark hair, squat or plump, a pleasant expression and vibe. She continues to sing and drum as we go along.

I had the feeling this woman was Celtic and/or Lapp or Sami as well. So I was looking up Celtic goddesses/shamans, etc. and went to images. One of the first images that popped up was this:

Owl Mother Winter Snow Triple Goddess Hands Shaman
Artwork by SigiDawn on ETSY
This is significant because five minutes earlier I was reading Mike Clelland's fantastic book The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee 
In that book, Mike writes about the often mystical and spiritual synchronicities between witnesses, UFOs, and owls. Usually the encounters he writes about are in "real time" -- waking time. In my case, this all takes place in the dream realm. Still, I find the relationships in my dream of UFOs, spirit, shaman/guide and the finding of the image very interesting. (By the way, Mike Clelland cites me as a brief mention in his book referring to me a a "maybe" person. Meaning, someone who may have been abducted, but for many reasons, do not give myself that label.)

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