Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Found in the Files: Article by Don Worley

Article by Don Worley. Date and publication unknown.

Cleaning up and going through mounds of files, I came across an article by Don Worley. Unfortunately, I have no idea what magazine Worley's article appeared in, nor date. I am guessing it's about twenty years old. (I've emailed what I hope was a correct address…)

The article discusses abductions. Worley describes the experiences of a witness named Carol who at the time was 62. Three things I found particularly interesting: Carol's sighting in 1931 of a "big black dirigible-shaped craft (that) slowly floated over their home." This was witnessed by Carol's mother. Worley writes that Carol was 15 months at the time but she remembers this event.

The second event that stood out for me was the following, about a bird:
When Carol was seven or eight years old, what seemed to be an enormous hawk soared in and landed unnaturally close to her in the pasture. This of course is contrary to the natural instincts of a hawk. She stood there looking at it and remembers nothing more. She doesn't remember walking back to the house or the hawk flying away." (Worley.)
I found that interesting because of my own eagle experiences (which I posted about earlier today)  and my interest in animals within UFO narratives in general.

Next, there is the "large brilliant red-orange object" Carol saw, along with other witnesses. Or, were they? Many times others in the presence of a UFO will not look at the object, will not look up, will not discuss the event. This was the case here:
The neighbors and Carol's daughter became very excited, however, they would still not believe Carol's story -- and refused to look at the object." (Worley.)
Worley also reports on Sasquatch-UFO encounters.

The blimp shaped object -- seen in 1931! -- was interesting not only because of its date, but I've had many dreams where I've seen bathtub type UFOs, or crates, blimp type objects. These dreams are always the same: I'm either in the front yard of my childhood home, or in the tree on my neighbor's property, at night, waiting for "them." If I'm in the tree, it's because "they" put me there to wait. I was born in 1954, so these events took place from about 1960 on.

If anyone has any information on this article, I'd appreciate hearing from you. You can past a comment here or email me at

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