Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Eugene Glass Artist's UFOs

Responding to my post the other day here at the Orb about orange orb synchronicity, my friend Jamie (who is a fantastic glass artist) commented:

Jamie Burress-Kovacs That reminded me of when I saw 5 orange orb looking UFOs by the University of Oregon in downtown Eugene on June 15, 2014. If you go to my photos and click on my videos, I posted the video of them on here. Unfortunately, my dang phone ran out of storage right when 3 of them appeared, so I only got a few seconds of the last 3. Before I started filming though, I saw them and was yelling to the U of O kids walking in the street next to me to look up at the UFOs, and they totally just stared at me like I was crazy and ignored me! Over 15 people I tried to tell to look up, and not a single one did! It was right outside the Caspian Cafe, about 2am, I think, and I was picking up an order to-go and I think everyone else around me were just drunk and thinking I was a crazy person trying to mess with them. I should have just recorded video the whole time instead.
I told her that this very strange non-reaction from some people is common. I've had that happen many times; clearly I and sometimes, a few others, are looking at something unusual in the sky. Yet those around just won't bother to look up and see for themselves. I find that fascinating, as well as frustrating.

Jamie very kindly gave permission to link to her footage:

UFOs in Eugene

Jamie's video of UFOs seen through night vision glasses.
More night vision

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