Friday, December 30, 2016

Down the Fuzzy Memory Hole: A Perfect Scoop Mark (?)

This is one of those odd moments that happen frequently in UFO Land. Also, a bit alarming, because it suggests a mind slip on my part due to health, or old age, having nothing to do with UFOs or anomalous episodes in life. Given the context of my UFO life however, I'm not too worried about that possibility.

Listening to Coast to Coast last night as I was drifting off to sleep. Not a good habit but one hard to break. The guest was Michael Fitzhugh Bell, who discussed his book The Invisible Crime. Bell's story: he's been targeted for some time by humans who have abducted him, operated on him, drugged him, and implanted him. Electronic harassment, that kind of thing.

I wasn't fully asleep, just lightly floating in that soft space between being awake and deeply asleep. Suddenly I had one of those "mind postcards" -- those abrupt images that "click" in my mind (often, literally, hearing a click) with clarity and knowledge. I'm in the bathroom, looking at the back of my leg, where there is a perfect scoop mark. I think to myself "Okay, that proves it, now that's the perfect scoop mark, no doubt. Damn it." This "mind postcard" was a memory. With it was the awareness I had forgotten about this -- which seemed incredible. How can one forget something like that?! The message from this "postcard" was: "I'm reminding you of this. Go take another look and document this." But I just stayed in bed.

So, for awhile that night, I assumed this was real. I really did see the scoop mark on my leg the other day, I really was looking at it. And for some reason, quickly forgot about it and didn't do anything about it.  Later, I realized I don't know if this was a memory of something real, or if it was a dream. I have a memory of me looking at the mark, but don't know if it was a dream memory.

Last night I was in a lot of pain from having two extractions, and on pain pills. The effects of the sedatives given to me earlier, plus the pain pills and my overall feeling-like-crap state very likely contributed to this weird little moment.

Now, awake and later the next day, I am sure the whole thing was in my head, and not at all real. What's very strange, but again, not untypical in UFO Land, is that I haven't checked my leg to see if there is any scoop mark there. So hold on a moment while I do that.

Okay. No scoop mark.

I think my subconscious was swirling with Bell's narrative in the soupy mix of drugs and pain. I remember thinking, for some reason, most likely something Bell said that triggered this memory, of a strange mark I had on my foot when I was a child.

This mark was brown and  crescent shaped on the bottom of my foot. I don't know if I was born with it or not, but I remember it being there for years. I'm not sure when it went away, sometime around my late teens. I have memories of my grandmother trying to get rid of it with folk type remedies. This memory -- real -- segued into the scoop mark "memory."

Another bit of data to put into the vast pile of data. None of this proves or disproves a thing, nor does it negate any valid UFO experience. Just remind us how weird things are on the fringe.

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~van said...

Reading that I can't help but wonder is this another symptom of the Mandela effect? All our possible universes overlapping and meshing as we reach that exponential point? Who knows ~_~