Thursday, January 5, 2017

UFO Dreams: Merely Ego, or Something Deeper?

Readers of my blogs know I have an active dream life. I've had dreams involving Mothman, Sasquatch, ghosts, aliens, UFOs . . .

Sometimes these dreams are on the profound side: a nudging of hidden memories, knowledge, something more, something important about my experiences. Other times, the dreams are not so meaningful, not in any mystical way.

Although, I do think the following dream might have something to do with my own pursuit and research -- not to give it up. So, that's important, in its way.

I'm in China for an international UFO conference. I'm feeling pretty lost, don't know the language, everything is unfamiliar. I'm a little anxious and scared, in fact. But, I carry on. The hotel I'm staying in, along with many of the conference presenters, is huge. And, very fancy. The staff speaks English, the food is amazing, service excellent, etc. Still, I feel out of place. 

A well known and respected UFO author and researcher (no, not saying who) has invited me to speak at the end of his presentation. His presentation is about personal experiences. We go over the presentation -- his paper, then what he'd like me to focus on. I'm sitting up front listening to the presenters. During a break I go outside and a car -- old, 1950s, Chevy or something -- pulls up. A man is driving and several people are in the car. They grab me and pull me into the car and take off. I scream and yell and tell them I can't go with them, I'm due to present in a few minutes. They don't believe me. I shove the paper in front of them. Now they believe me, but don't care. The man is belligerent. I grab the wheel and steer the car into a divider, smashing the car, but he still won't let me go. I'm screaming and waving at people walking by to get their attention. Finally, somehow, I get out.
I run back to the conference, when Mr. Respected UFO Author is just finishing up. He's a bit peeved at my disappearance, thinking I just flaked out. But I run up there and I go up to the podium. I look a mess. My hair is all over the place, my clothes are in disarray. I say "Something very personal and not good just happened to me outside. I don't want to talk about it, but I made it back."
Applause. Mr. UFO Author is glad I'm back and okay. So I go into an orange orb presentation. No answers, just more questions. But it feels good.

Well, the dreaming mind. Have to think on this one. What does China have to do with this? A foreign land. The UFO Realm is certainly that. Despite attempts to quell my interests, I carry on. We all know that as well.

So, carry on I will.

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