Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dreaming Synchronicity: Orange Orbs

Night before last, I had a dream about orange orbs:

I receive an odd piece of mail. A poorly put together pamphlet about a UFO researcher -- one I'd never heard of -- from back east. He invited me to speak at a UFO conference he was heading up. The photo of this researcher that was included in the pamphlet was grainy, and not the best image. He was slovenly and just did not look legitimate. The invitation he sent didn't have any useful information; just the date and location of the conference, along with the name of hotel in the area. But I had no idea if I was going to be paid for speaking or if my travel expenses would be taken of. Was I expected to appear for free, pay my own way? Not that I expected to get paid, I realized it's rare when speakers get paid. But clarification would be nice. I finally decide that this whole thing seems shady and I decide to ignore the whole thing. I just didn't want to be involved with this person.

After this, Jim and I are standing on the sidewalk in front of our house, talking to some neighbors. It's twilight. I look to the north and see a large orange orb, very close by and just a few feet above the rooftops. I try to get everyone's attention but they're not interested in looking. Jim says "Oh, it's just the sun setting. Or rising. " Shrug. I say "Well, the sun doesn't set or rise in the NORTH!" I continue watching, and see three smaller orange orbs exiting from the large orb. I try to get everyone's attention again and get really annoyed: "Why aren't you even curious?! Just look and make up your own mind what it is, but for crying out loud, look damn it!" Jim looks, and agrees it's odd, but no one else looks. They look at me however, shaking their heads, as if I'm a sorry case for making things up.
To keep things interesting, I saw this story on my Facebook page today. A report of an orange orb sighting (with pics) in Florida on December 25th.

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