Thursday, December 1, 2016

Plane-Drone-UFO- Early Morning Synchronicity

Yesterday morning I had a little odd moment of "What was that thing anyway?"
For some reason, the night before, and all the morning as I was getting ready for work, I was thinking about the strange brilliant white spheres I saw over the playground at the school where I worked. I am now at a different school, but it's just six blocks or so down from the one I used to be at.

At the previous location, I saw over the course of several days, strange things in the daytime sky. Low flying white things, (estimated to be a mere thirty feet or so above ground) not much bigger than a seagull, just zooming by. Looking back, possibly drones, but this was before the big drone bonanza. Open fields surrounding the playground, but I never saw anyone out there who could be operating the things. During this same time, I also saw white sphere shaped lights just zipping across the sky. These appeared to be lit from within, just brilliant-white light, and (again, estimating) to be about the height of a low flying plane. Twenty thousand feet? Maybe a bit less? One day I asked a student walking by if he saw what I saw. He looked up, watched it as it flew by, then shrugged and said "I don't know, a UFO maybe?" and went on his way.

Yesterday morning, I was thinking about all this. Still thinking about it while I was standing outside at the school during my cross-walk supervision. I looked up, watching the geese who hang out on the field next to the playground, and notice a rectangular shaped object flying overhead. Seemed the size of a plane -- a little larger -- and at the height of a plane. What struck me was the brilliant white light. At first I though it must have been the sun glinting off it. But the white light (or so I assumed; it seemed to be an object that was lit from within) was so consistent over the entire thing, and stayed at the same level of brilliance the whole time I was watching it. It moved in a straight line, like a plane, but seemed to move faster. Then, it just disappeared. Gone.

I was struck by oddness of the synchronicity and the box-like, rectangular shape, not to mention the intense white light. Very unplane like. Yet, it flew in a straight line and at the height of a plane. One could say it was a UFO (man made or other wordily) disguising itself as a plane. How many people are looking up at the sky at 7:30 in the morning? And, of course, one could also say it was simply a plane.

I admit to a nagging feeling that something was not quite right about that however. The shape and the light -- just too odd.

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