Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Synchronicity: Portals Open?

This morning, dozing in bed not ready to get up yet, allowing my mind to just wander and half-dream, the image of a bald eagle popped into my head. My mind was full of thoughts about the bald eagle, it's symbolism, it's juxtapositions (fanatical nationalism vs. gentle patriotism), it's power in cultures the world over, etc. I was developing quite the professorial lecture on bald eagles in my head.

We wake up, are in the kitchen making our breakfasts. Jim creates a little mix of cream cheese with bleu cheese dressing. I mention the cheese balls we used to make during this time of year, using cream cheese and bleu cheese, among other ingredients. We talked about the co-worker he got the original recipe from. We agreed it would be a treat to make those again.

Go into the living room to have our morning meal and read the paper. Right there on the page in the city section is a color photograph of a bald eagle. Turn to another section; a recipe for a cheese ball. Not only that, but "Oregon Cheese Ball." (I live in Oregon.) First two ingredients: cream cheese and bleu cheese.

Register-Guard, December 28 2016 photo by Chris Pietsch

So, trivial as these two synchronicities are, it's still startling. Often such synchronicities are trivial. But is their very appearance trivial? I don't think so.

Register-Guard December 28 2016

What makes the series of synchronicities come and go? Is it us - -- something we're doing, consciously or unconsciously, that invites or allows whatever force that presents synchronicities to visit us? Maybe. It could also be intent on our part, intentional inviting in of such things. For example, when working with crystals and stones as well as meditation, I've increased the synchronicites that occur. There's a paranormal/supernatural connection too. Sometimes, when I've been active in thinking about UFOs, these synchronicities happen. (Which suggests that there is a lot more we don't understand about the UFO experience, and that it just isn't mindless alien-bots or nuts and bolts.) The body's state of health seems to have something to do with this: for two weeks now I've been "off," down with some kind of stomach virus, fatigue, a bit of typical seasonal depression, and a bad tooth. Might be a weakened physical state lowers all of our defenses, not just physical, opening up our awareness of normally undetected things. We're able to sense what's  coming through the portals.

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