Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fund for UFO Researchers?

Contrary to the debunkers of UFO and supernatural research, the majority of UFO "pundits" don't make much -- if any -- money. Often, when invited to speak at UFO conventions, they have to pay their own way. UFO authors and researchers have to pay for their own transportation, hotel, etc. They might get a stipend or some smallish fee for their appearance, but it usually isn't much. And then there's the "day job" factor. A lot of UFO authors and researchers do their work on their own time; they work at "real" jobs to pay the bills. Taking time off work will cost the UFO researcher in lost wages, unless they're lucky enough to have benefits like personal and vacation time.

There are a lot of people out there with experiences that need to be heard. Authors and researchers whose work need to be supported. Why not start a fund to pay for these things? 

In my town, a group of women (mostly artists) got together years ago and started a group project that created savings to be used in case of illness or other situations where financial help would be needed for women who needed it. They did it on their own. I'm not sure of the criteria for joining this group or what the parameters are, but basically, it's a fund started to help those in need.

Simple. Small. Local scale. Helping a specific community (female artists) with finances.

Why not something like this in UFO Land? 

I realize this could get very complicated, not to mention downright ugly, very quickly. Who determines who gets what? Who determines the validity of an area of research? Someone who's researched UFOs and Sasquatch encounters -- do we accept them or not? (Answer: Of course we do! ) I'm always suspect of authoritarian organizations. To quote Groucho Marx: "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member." But that's my innate contrary nature. Some would be exempt, based on their income. As much as I respect certain icons in UFO Land, they don't need the help. Many do however. The cost of a train or plane ticket, an award of money to pay for lodging, would help.

We'd have to be very careful of where we put the focus. The main focus should be on financial need, and not if the researcher fits into the UFO Police ideas of what's "legitimate" or not.

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