Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Walking Around the Orb

That Orb, after all these years, the memory still with me. Obsessed some could say but isn't it understandable that one would -- should -- remain at least interested in such an event? If not immensely intrigued?

Short of hypnosis, I've tried various ways to get at what happened. Meditations, dream work, synchronicities, theories and speculations, talking it out. My narrative is true; I am not out to deceive. What the truth is, that's another matter. I just know what happened. Er, or, what I remember, what I think happened. "They" played with my memory -- missing time, for one -- of course it's difficult to say "This is what happened." There's what I remember, and then there's what really happened.

A recent attempt at getting at "what happened" was delving into the idea of plasma/ball lightening/spirit-sentient orb stuff. At the invitation of a well known UFO author, I wrote an article for his publication exploring the idea my Orb was plasma, and not a UFO From Outer Space. Unfortunately, my article was rejected. I'm not at all upset by that; I'm honored to have been considered in the first place. It's just that he wanted "more" and I couldn't get there. I still can't.

I've written about the idea of some UFOs (note: some) could be plasma balls before. I don't discount this idea and I think it's worth investigating on a deep level. But in my case, even though I played around with the idea that the Orange Orb was a plasma ball, this theory doesn't seem to answer the question. For one thing, there's context. A lot to be said for a life time of UFO (and other supernatural-paranormal experiences) that differ from the Orange Orb encounter, but also share a lot of things as well.

As to hypnosis, there's a lot of reason to be cautious, even suspect. And, of course, hypnosis to decipher UFO experiences has been forever tainted by UFO author David Jacobs. On the other hand, whatever comes out of hypnosis sessions (which would, hopefully, include my spouse) is more data to add to the pile of experience.

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