Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Where's that banging my head on the desk cartoon? Oh, here it is:
head desk bang

UFOs are real. Call them UFOs, UAPS, -- they're real. UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. Could be theirs, ours, or theirs…you know, Reptilian Overlords.  Specifically, they are pretty likely to be all three. Some are ours, some are the other guys, some are truly mysterious. Unexplained. ET. All at once, all vying for our attention distraction.

So the announcements are made, and the majority argue over the minutiae of what UFOs are, as if UFO is one thing. One explanation for what UFO is, as well as its motivation.

Meanwhile, the truth (most of it anyway) is out there and in our faces, mixed up with a lot other stuff. Misdirection. Allowing the arguments to continue.
The deeper issues continue to be ignored. Even with the concession that off world intelligent beings are hanging around, it's still a vague idea to many. Bills still need to be paid. We still have family issues, health, jobs. Aliens, cool, but, doesn't pay the rent.

The truth is, many people -- myself included -- have had intensely weird experiences that cannot be explained, no matter how hard debunkers, Big Science, religious know it alls, or fanatical true believers try their damnedest to Explain It All To Us. Behind the mundane goings on, these experiences remain. And meanwhile. . .

There is the issue of concurrent UFO activity, which is indeed ours. Whether it's the U.S.A. or another government, covert, often illegal and unethical experiments are conducted within the framework of 'UFO.' Not many seem to pay attention to either. The former is indulgent kook stuff, the latter is a shrug and dismissal, as if simply stating the obvious: "Military experiments" is enough to get on with things. Not recognizing that the implications of those experiments are huge.

We are spied on, tracked,lied to, treated like lab rats. Both the "other" and our own do these things to us -- and many of us don't seem to notice much.

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