Saturday, October 28, 2017

Tom DeLonge's To The Stars: Well, I Suppose I Should Say Something

Tom DeLonge recently announced a new UFO organization: To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science. I'm not excited. I even don't care. Is this due to boredom or frustration on my part? No.

I am not bored, not by any means, by the Great UFO Quest. But cynical -- not about "the quest" but about a new organization -- maybe. A little.

I remember DeLonge on Coast to Coast, where he discussed his meetings with Very Important UFO-in-the-Know People. A lot of it dark, and scary; images of giant Reptilians eating us for lunch. (Not that DeLonge alluded to that, specifically, but one couldn't help conjuring up images of really awful things during the interview.)

We've seen UFO organizations go down. Or become outdated. Sullied. (i.e. recent MUFON goings on.) Each new UFO group has its personal agenda. That's okay -- if I had an organization, I'd have my own agenda as well. But it's important to keep in mind that that's all it is; an agenda. This group will not tolerate Sasquatch telepathic communications involving UFOs, that group will not tolerate contactees, another group won't consider abductions, etc.

I remain convinced that nothing will get "the truth" out to the people. When I say "people" I'm including all of humanity, all over the globe. So that's a pretty damn big number. Following that, are the governments. Everyone has to be on board. What are the chances of that happening? No big disclosure. Not now, not ever.

However, every day, there are thousands of little disclosures. That's what we need to continue to accept, explore, hear, trust in, and share.

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