Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cosmic Parasite

My spouse and I were discussing that thing within all of us, that is not "us" but an intentional energy that messes with our heads and always in negative ways. Sometimes comically yet irritating ways, and all the way down to the truly harmful. Even fateful.

Those memories that suddenly disappear, losing the thought when in deep discussion, hassles when trying to meet up with others when it comes to discussing these topics.

We then got inspired and decided to write something about this. I don't know what Jim's come up with yet. Here's what I wrote:

The worm within

Cosmic parasite lives within
not us, not of us
but an invader
steals memory
injects self-abuse
blocks us from our thoughts

The religious call it Satan, demon, the Devil
others, Djinn, maybe…
the humanists, our Jungian selves fighting shadows
and the hard-assed skeptics pronounce over-imaginative minds
as the cause

A literal alien from outer space? something more metaphysical
a worm from the ether, indeed
eating memories and sloughing off intents
its origins unknown
dwelling deep with us.

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